May 7, 2022
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This website is a short summary of myself and my skills. I wanted to make it simple so it will be easy for others to navigate through.


The main goal for me was to make the design as minimalistic as possible, which I think I achieved.

The layout was inspired by Lee Rob. I wanted to make a theme switcher so the website is available in two themes (Light & Dark).

Tech stack

Frontend is built with Next.js and backend is built on Next.js serverless functions. For the database I’m using Supabase which is a kind of Firebase alternative. Database is primarily used as a storage of all image paths. It is hosted on Vercel.



Project section is built on Contentlayer which is a really cool tool for transferring pure MDX to JSON.


Contact form sends a HTTP request to API endpoint and thanks to Nodemailer I am able to convert this message to an email.

Portfolio preview capture

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