June 15, 2022
React Next.js Tailwind CSS kbar Contentlayer TypeScript


The main goal of this project was to learn how to create dynamic documentation that is automatically rendered from MD/MDX content and to learn some new technologies.


The documentation layout was inspired by NuxtJS and Tailwind CSS, because I think their layout is one of the best according to UI/UX. I added more features and changed the UI.


The website is built on Next.js, because I think it’s currently the best solution for SEO according to documentation and static generation. It is hosted on Vercel

Some functions according to Contentlayer library were taken from the Contentlayer website, because there is not much documentation yet.

Kbar Search

Docsum kbar preview capture


  • /content/docs - the folder of documentation content (actual content as placeholder is borrowed from Next.js)
  • /src/config/sidebar.ts - set slug of pages that you want to be visible in sidebar pages['directory/filename']


Docsum site preview capture

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